Why am I unable to log in to my store account?

If you have any difficulty accessing your account, it is probably because of one of these 2 reasons:


Your account is not registered yet

If an email was used to place an order, it does NOT mean that this email is already registered as a store account. It only means that this email is used as the contact email for that specific order.


To register an account, you need to fill in some essential information from the signup page, like your name, and more importantly, a password. 


If you ordered before the account registration, the order history will still display under this account after it is successfully registered.


The password is incorrect

It is also possible that the password is not filled in correctly. If you still have access to the email address, you can reset the password. 



If you still cannot access to your account after checking the above 2 reasons, you can contact us for help. 

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