What is the use of reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed for discounts

The major use of reward points is that they can be redeemed for coupons(store credits). You can use these coupons as money to get discounts on your future purchases.

We currently support coupon redemption for the following 2 amounts:

  • 500 points for a USD 5.00 off coupon
  • 1000 points for a USD 10.00 off coupon

The conversion rate between the points and discount value is subject to the actual display. You can access the reward panel and click "ways to redeem" to get more details.



Reward points can be used to get an item for free

Sometimes we will choose products allowed to be purchased with points directly. If you have enough points in your points account, you can redeem a product directly without having to pay any additional price.



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