How can I change the address of my order?

You can change the address of your order only before the relevant package is despatched, and this also has to be done from our end

Send us an email.

We will help you revise the address in our system to make sure it goes to the right place. 

Updating your default address in your account profile is not enough

Please note that updating the default address in your profile will NOT sync the changes on the pending orders. It can only help you set the correct address more conveniently in your future purchases. To revise the shipping address of history orders, you have to contact us.


Please send us an email with the following information:

  • Order number (always required for order-related topics)
  • Complete new address (do not miss out on "state","zip code", and "phone number")
  • If only part of the order needs to be revised, let us know the specific items that you want to apply the changes.


Once the address is revised, our customer support agent will confirm with you.


It is strongly advised that you check the address of your order before the shipment. If your package is already on the way when you find out its address is outdated, we can not revise the shipping address any longer, but we can help you contact the local carrier to re-direct the shipment to the new address (not all shipping methods support with this service though, please contact us for advice).

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