Will I receive a notification when the product is released?

If your order is in "full payment"

  • We will arrange the shipment directly after the product is released. Just like other in-stock orders, you will receive a shipping notification email from our system.
  • We will NOT confirm the shipping address with you again after the release and will send the package to the current address directly. Therefore, if you need to re-confirm or revise the shipping address, please contact us as early as possible when you have such needs.

If your order is in "deposit"

  • As soon as we hear about the release coming, we will send you a release notification email to your store account, along with a PayPal invoice.
  • After the package is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification.
  • It is normal that you don't see any notice or status change after you pay the balance invoice. Since PayPal invoicing is a separate system from our website, we will manually check the payment status of all invoices every working day. If the product is already in the warehouse, you will receive the shipping notice 1 working day after the payment. 
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